Updates from the show on our Facebook  page :

             The Checkered Flag Jalopy Showdown and 
                             Jalopy Showdown Drags

      $10 per person admission


You know change is really hard for some people, but friends, if you like a mud puddle better then yesterday you are just really missing the point. The show is a fund raiser for the EASTERN MUSEUM OF MOTOR RACING!! Yesterday we got a real taste of what racing looked like way back, and I really liked it. Great hot rods & customs all over the grounds, not just the infield & race cars on the track.They told me it looked like a whole other car show on the other side of the bridge in the camping area! The beauty of getting the months of worry & aggravation is I get to make it look like I want & I want it to look like this year did! Sooo much to go over. We were scared to death of the weather Friday but as always we sunk, spun & pushed our way through. If the rain happened 24 hours later there would have been no way we could have done the show!

Thanks to the vendors for always putting up with our infield spots with never a complaint no matter how bad you sink in! The 99.9% of the people that show up, have fun, dont hassle our overworked crew, support the museum & leave the place as clean as it was when they got there, thanks to everyone that posts their photos & videos so I can actually see some of what we pulled off!, the museum volunteers that take care of the spectator parking, camping, trash pick up & generally make it so I never have to worry about what is going on the other side of the creek, to the roadster & stock car drivers that did a great job running together & in a responsible manner that I had hoped for & expected,The Shaws, Mr. Whitney, Mr Kerr, Mr Gill & all involved bringing the baddest ass sprint car exhibition to the show & wanting nothing more than to give us a great idea of what real sprint car racing looked like & support the museum...thank you guys so much. & finally the Showdown crew. I swear to you if we have anybody else that cant help from our "regulars" it is over!! They are the best & listening on the radio as I run around stomping out fires all day, I just know I dont have to worry they are getting it done as smoothly as our little show on the mushy infield lets us. I just dont have the words to thank you all enough.

And finally we really missed our friend Pat & it was nice to hear people fondly talk about him...skate on big guy!!