The Checkered Flag Jalopy Showdown    

Info below is for the Latimore show...please go to the Drag page for Drags info!

Once again we are planning to run groups of vintage race cars. Logistically it is sort of a nightmare but it should be interesting! We will be running groups of  8- 12 vintage sprint cars, roadsters, midgets, & stock cars. We will have race car pre-registration instead of making it open for any(race) cars to show up because of space.  Now here is the downside 1. We will not be able to park car/let people between the fences down the backstretch. We are already planning to save a very big area right across the bridge in the camping area for overflow show cars. 2. Crossing the track between cars running will be less frequent then during past shows 3. the race cars will have to enter & exit the track at the first turn shop building exit to their parking area in the field on the adjoining property. The show roadsters & coupes will be preselected & called to the track from the infield 4. It may make things a lot dustier 5. We may or may not do the mud hole portion of the track time, which leads to #6 6. Later model sedans & not so racey looking cars may not get on the track this year and finally #7. if it rains a bunch, we are back to the normal deal anyway because if it's too muddy we cant run the race cars! 

The camping has always be set up for the HOT RODDERS that come a long distance to the show. That was also the reason it was always free. As with most shows that get bigger over time you have to make adjustments. Because Latimore is so open it is hard to control who gets in and out of the property, this is why we decided to make the camping $20 per camper or tent site (not per person). We had some small incidents last year that I just do not want to deal with. This show is about the CARS! I don’t care about your party & I will not let it ruin our show. I think everyone knows me well enough that I will not bother you if you respect the property & your camping neighbors. If I get called to your site, it is time to start packing!! We will also have a police presence this year. I don’t want to give the impression that we had any real problem last year...I DO want to give the impression that we will NOT have one this year! HANDLE YOURSELF LIKE AN ADULT...easy enough. If you have furniture that usually sits on your porch at home, leave it there. It is a one day car show, you do not need to bring furniture to it. I’ve gotten a LOT of help from the full time museum member campers. I was up this week and met with Perry who is going to head up the parking/camping group. He has about 20-25 people to help you with parking & camping. They will be wearing orange vests & patrolling 24 hours. Most of the camping has been moved to the far end of the property because we need the space near the track for CARS. We do the best we can with the limited space at the fairgrounds, and like I said camping was for the people that drive from a long distance to come to the show & support the museum. We will have the usual fancy porta-pots from the front to the back of the property 

We will have a pick up drop off for all three just across the bridge in the parking /camping area at the small pavilion. Shuttles should run through the parking area all day moving people in & out. It is only a short walk from there to the infield. We are hoping this helps with the track crossing issues. If you have a handicapped sticker we have some parking by the infield gate.

As always, the infield is reserved for traditional styled, non-billet hot rods. Yeah, I know there is a percentage of horrible rat rod types that get in, but it is a small percentage and the cars seem to get better every year. Don’t waste the gate guys time by debating if your car should get in...don’t like their decision, just leave. Or you can park and still have a big time at the show...up to you. 
If you show up at 10 or 11, trust me, the infield will be full! Also the “once you are in, you stay in until you are finished” deal we did with the cars last year really helped with the track crossing downtime, so it stays this year. Once your car leaves the infield, there is NO RE-ENTRY of the car for the day! Yes, you can walk back in.
Also no go carts, mini bikes, tractors, 3,4 or 6 wheelers, or golf carts on the property, it is just toooo crowded. Still no pets, no bottles. The new restrooms are working! Please be kind to them. ; )

We’ll be there Thursday getting some things ready. You are welcome to come in Thursday but do not get too situated in a space until you talk to one of us about where you are located (see CAMPING). Friday VENDORS can get in their space AT NOON. Please have your space # card in the window & wrist bands we sent you on. The pre-registration has really streamlined the vendor deal for us. Vendors please remember that the spaces are 10’ wide. Make sure your canopy & car/trailer will fit or be prepared to work it our with your neighbor! Remember, like a Carlisle spot, 10’ wide 30’ deep. You can camp in your vendor space, but will also have to pay the extra $20 to camp. The BBQ guys will be at the show Friday & Saturday. The Bloodshots will play Friday from around 6-9 PM. The Museum will also be open extended hours, 10 AM to 9 PM Friday. Be sure to see the new drag race section & addition!! Kim will be selling shirts & posters as we did last year. WE will also set up a table where you can get your wrist band paid & bring your car by for a window sticker IF it should be on the infield, should save us all some time Saturday morning. We'll shut the infield down & close the gates after the band finishes.

We'll start letting people in when I get enough help to do it! We will park you on the infield. Try to come in with your group & we'll try to keep everyone together if you let them know. Metal Shapers will be here all day, jump in and bend some tin!
Bands: 10:30- 11:30 Trio Agave, 12:00 to 1:00 Diamondheads, 1:30- 2:30 The Bloodshots
Noon, Track Time Drivers Meeting at the Starter Stand Track time shortly after.
PLEASE DO NOT WALK ACROSS TRACK DURING THE TRACK TIME. Go to the 4th turn infield entrance and cross there. I know it's a long way around, but as always an insurance problem. We will ask you to leave if you cannot follow this rule.
Only photographers with a pass will be allowed on/near the track during track time (see me). 
Respect our/your neighbors, clean up after yourself, no burn outs leaving, and watch out for cops when you are on Rt. 15...we'll have another great year.
Thanks for supporting the Eastern Museum of Motor Racing!!
Feel free to camp until Sunday.